Our Ethos

Our aim is to nurture every child to achieve their full potential by being an Inspiring School that develops happy, well rounded children with a love for learning - underpinned by our values: Respect, Happiness and Ambition.


We are aware of the differences between children and of the different rates at which they grow and develop. By acknowledging these differences, we hope to instil a sense of respect in our children –for themselves, for others and for property. We want tolerance, empathy and co-operation to be second nature to our children.


We believe that children should be educated to value the pursuit of happiness. We also believe that happy children learn best. Inspiring lessons, outstanding facilities and the involvement of children in the shaping of their community helps to underpin happiness at Danesfield. We also believe that our staff and parents should be happy at Danesfield and we aim to promote this collaboration through our Home/School Agreement.


All children at Danesfield will be taught to develop a "growth mindset" where they focus on continuous improvement, resilience and challenge. Our ambitious children are enthusiastic, hard-working, persistent learners.

We aim to enable our pupils to:

• nurture creativity;

• develop the ability to apply themselves to a variety of tasks and physical skills;

• acquire knowledge, understanding, skills and flexible attitudes relevant to their future lives in a rapidly changing world;

• be critical thinkers;

• develop respect for religious and moral values, and appreciation for people of other races, cultures, religions, gender and ways of life;

• develop outstanding communication skills: verbally, in writing and across technologies;

• appreciate risk taking in their education;

• develop a sense of self-confidence and worth so that they can achieve satisfaction and personal fulfilment at each stage of their development;

• develop and retain a love of learning.

Contact Information

Contact: Karen DiMascio

Telephone: 01628 483031

'Danesfield Den' direct number: 07469 759719

Address: Henley Road, Medmenham, Marlow, Bucks SL7 2EW Location map

Email: office@danesfieldschool.co.uk


Mrs S Morgan

Chair of Governors

Mr S Collins

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