Pastoral Care

At Danesfield, we consider Pastoral Care to be of utmost importance, with Respect and Happiness being fundamental to school life. Danesfield School has outstanding effectiveness of care, guidance and support*.

The behaviour of children in school is considered to be very important. We expect our children to be courteous, polite and well mannered. We have a behaviour policy, which includes anti-bullying measures. Although not common, issues relating to bullying are dealt with as a matter of urgency. Teachers operate reward systems and sanctions, such as loss of privilege, which used to correct errant behaviour.

The class teacher assumes responsibility for the pastoral care of the children in his/her charge. However, the senior teachers, the Deputy Head or the Headteacher may be consulted by the children or their parents if further help or advice is needed.

Danesfield is in the unique position of having a higher than average percentage of pupils from Service families, primarily the Royal Air Force. We have a pastorally based induction process for new Service Families, and have high quality, well-resourced sessions with the Service Families Co-ordinator.

In October 2011, Danesfield School was inspected by Ofsted, who reported that:

“Children quickly settle in the Early Years Foundation Stage where they enter a warm and welcoming environment and become confident and eager learners.”

“Pupils achieve outstandingly well because of the excellent care, guidance and support provided for them as well as good teaching and an interesting curriculum. The school has excellent engagement with parents and carers; they are very confident in the school and are supportive of its work. As one parent commented, ‘Danesfield is a wonderful school raising happy, bright and confident children.’ This was typical of the views of others.”

“Danesfield is a harmonious community where pupils get on very well together. Pupils are courteous around the school site and considerate of each other in the playground. Behaviour in lessons is consistently good.”

“Pupils said they feel extremely safe and well looked after. They are also very keen to develop healthy lifestyles and play a leading role in sporting developments in this area. This is reflected in the Healthy Schools status and Activemark award. Pupils really enjoy school and this is reflected in their high attendance.”

*Ofsted Report, October 2011

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